Cryptocurrency by Gamers for Gamers

Clapped was created by a group of gamers to support the gaming community through game development and direct contributions.

Dxsale Launch Coming Soon

your opportunity to get clapped before it goes public

Dxsale Launch begins in June. Watch for details!

Hard Cap
Soft Cap
100 BNB
0 BNB 200 BNB
Get Clapped

Launch will be done through dxsale. LP wallet will be locked through dxlock

You can enchange as little as .1 BNB or as much as 3 BNB for ClappedCoin.
1 BNB = 2,000,000,000 CLAPPED
90% of sale will be added to the Pancakeswap liquidity pool
Never invest more than you can afford. Specific ROIs are not promised or guaranteed


Market Cap


USD Price
approx after launch

4 trillion

Total Supply


Total Burned
Set after launch


To add ClappedCoin to Trust Wallet and/or Pankcakeswap you will need to manually add the contract wallet below
Contract: 0x83C8Ab7B1f468538DBB921317fC4CB2C08C32746

If you would like to make a donation of BNB or ClappedCoin for promotional use, development, and listing costs
Donation wallet: 0x846Dde2230f91b5548A7EE770834B79DAd193084


CLAPPED is not like other tokens that have a flat 10% tax. There is a random tax of 2%, 4%, 6%, or 8% per transaction, depending on how clapped you get.
It will never be more than 8% total but it could be as low as 2%.

  • - Passive Reflection
    Randomly 1%, 2%, 3%. or 4% of every buy/sell goes back to holders.

  • - LP (liquidity pool)
    Randomly 1%, 2%, 3%. or 4% of every buy/sell goes into LP/burned automatically creating more liquidity with every transaction.
Discounted during launch

During dxsale you will get:

  • - Lower entry cost
  • - Higher potential for ROI
  • - Access to CLAPPED before pancakeswap listing


Our milestones for the vision of Clapped Coin

Why Clapped

What makes CLAPPED stand out from the many other tokens out there?

Growth Not Pump

ClappedCoin is design for real growth over time. It was not created as a means to "get rich quick". Although there will be opportunity to make a profit, reflections reward those who HODL. Future products involve the intergration of ClappedCoin into games, market place, possible streaming platform.

Locked Liquidity Wallet

Liquidity Pool will be locked once established. Nobody will have access.
No Rug pull possible from dev team!

Giving Back

One of the great things about ClappedCoin is it's mission to support the gaming community. We will be giving opportunity for up and coming game developers, graphic designers, and content creators while earning ClappedCoin in return!


The longer you hold CLAPPED, the more you gain. With every transation there is a random 1% - 4% kicked back to everyone who is holding. Over time, this could mean significant gains for doing nothing!


CLAPPED is a deflationary currency with reflection.
Cryptocurrency is inherently extremely volatile. We will do whatever possible to stablize and ensure ClappedCoin remains a valuable asset for those invested.
Clapped Presale and launch is setup to minimize, if not eliminate, massive whale accumulation.


There are hundreds, if not thousands of scam coins out there and people need to be careful. We will seek out audits from many source to build confindence and security to all of those involved. Trust and security are top priorities!


Building a Community

We love to think about going "To the moon" but for that to happen, real value and production needs to happen. Pump and dump coins with no real utility or direction can cause your investment to suffer. ClappedCoin will embed itself into eSports, game development and other gaming/content creation markets. If you are looking to be a part of results, have direct input into development, and build value than you may want to cosider Getting Clapped.


Game Development Through the Crypto Space

The gaming industry has become more about profits than giving the community what they really want. There are many aspiring game developers who know this. It can be difficult to find the right support, funding or channels to beging unleashing creativity. Clapped is the answer to those who are looking to bring all art form related to development together by seeking out and funding projects.

Frequently Asked Question

Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions.

A deflationary token on the Binance block chain. Created by gamers with many years of engineering experience to support the community and build growth.

CLAPPED has reflection build in. This means you will passivley earn addition currency (1% - 4%) for doing nothing more than holding. Every time someone buys, sells or trades CLAPPED, you will get a portion of that based on how much you hold.

Simply put, a reflection is an amount given back to holders every time a transaction is conducted.

Security of your investment is our primary concern. We want to see growth just as much as you do. Protecting from rug pulls and whale dumps will be at thr for front. The LP wallet will be locked and the burn rate done in a way to degrease sell offs but increase value.

At initial launch, you can use Trust Wallet to buy BSC (Binance Smart Chain) or convert BNB to BSC. Then use Pancakeswap to swap your BSC/BEP20 to ClappedCoin.

Yes!! We will be relying on the community for input on game development and other ventures. You will have a direct say into features and testing.

If you wish to turn your CLAPPED investment back into fiat currency, you will need to swap back to BNB through Pancakeswap first. Then you can use your favorite exchange to sell bnack to fiat currency.

We will be working hard to build relationships with multiple exchanges to make buying and selling of ClappedCoin as smoothly as possible. It will take time and resources to make it happen.

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